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Laser Dentistry

Dentist in Portland holding a dental laserAt Dougherty Dental we take great pride in offering comfort to our patients. A big part of being comfortable at the dentist is not feeling pain or worry during a procedure. Laser dentistry is one of the many tools that we employ to ensure you remain comfortable and happy during your visit to our office in Portland, OR.

Often, if a patient lets us know ahead of time that they are sensitive to dental visits or that they have sore spots in their mouth, we will use lasers to treat gum and tooth issues. Be sure to let us know of ahead of the procedure about any way that we can help you be more comfortable.

Why Dental Lasers Are Used

Using a dental laser, we are able to perform restorations with no pain and no shots, allowing us to make repairs virtually painless. We know eliminating pain can be a huge deal for our patients, as pain can be one of the greatest fears our patients have when visiting the dentist. In fact, some people would rather experience the daily pain of an untreated dental problem in order to avoid the dentist. At Dougherty Dental, we don’t want you to be uncomfortable or in pain. We want to help, and with the use of laser technology, we can perform more dental procedures quicker and pain free.

With the assistance of a laser tool, we can perform the dental work needed without the use of anesthetic. This is because the laser is able to make the necessary drilling without the vibration or pressure of a drill, providing you a much more comfortable restoration. Patients love the laser tool because:

•  We are able to work with more precision: The laser is able to work on only the specified spot, meaning we only need to remove the exact portion of the tooth or tissue that we intend to, without damaging any of the surrounding area.
•  Less unintended damage: Traditional dental drills can cause tiny hairline fractures in the natural tooth enamel that we can miss. These tiny fractures can allow the passage of bacteria. Laser technology will not cause these hairline fractures.
•  Reduced bleeding and swelling: Because we can work so direct, there is less bleeding and less swelling. This means that your post-op experience is considerably easier.
•  More work can be done in one visit: Because the laser system is done without anesthetic, we are able to get more done in one appointment. The patient is more comfortable, and the work is done faster, allowing us to get multiples steps done at once.

Dental Procedures Lasers Are Used For

With our laser technology we can remove tooth decay, make the necessary preparations to restore a tooth with a cavity, perform root canal therapy, and perform gum and bone surgical procedures as needed due to periodontal disease. The work we can do is vast, and the results will please. Our team at Dougherty Dental is excited to show you the difference of laser technology versus traditional methods.

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures

Cavity Detection:

You are probably used to your routine cleanings and exams concluding with the dentist running a pick over your teeth. Slowly and meticulously the doctor searches for cavities with this pick but small and hard to see cavities occasionally go undetected. With the help of low intensity lasers, we are able to detect even the smallest and hardest to find cavities.

Teeth Whitening:

Laser teeth whitening is by far the quickest and easiest method for whitening your teeth. Patients often complain about chemical teeth whitening methods being too harsh and leaving their teeth tender. Laser teeth whitening is able to produce the same results as traditional whitening methods but without the same side effects.

Of course, after having your teeth whitened we recommend staying away from drinks and foods that are known to stain teeth to ensure you keep your bright smile.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures

Gum Procedures:

Dental lasers are frequently used to remove soft tissues from the mouth while providing a comfortable experience and avoiding bleeding. When a patient has a smile that includes a disproportionate amount of gums we have the ability to re-contour the gums to show more of the tooth. This gives the patient’s smile a much more natural look.

Muscle Attachment:

Some children suffer from a condition known as ankyloglossia, more commonly referred to as being “tongue tied”. The frenulum is the small piece of skin below the tongue that attaches the tongue to the base of the mouth. When a child is tongue tied the frenulum attaches too much of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Being tongue tied can inhibit the ability to speak and even eat.

Laser dentistry allows us to easily and safely detach excess frenulum from the tongue, as well as remove the excess soft tissue left behind by this procedure.

Cold Sore Treatment:

We are even able to treat cold sores with the use of dental lasers. The pain and annoyance of cold sores is often too much to handle. Using a low intensity laser, we can treat each sore which gives a numbing effect to the area. Patients often report that their sold sores heal much more quickly after being laser treated.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

Laser technology has made a huge difference in dental work, in your comfort, and in your recovery. Our front office is happy to review your information, answer questions, and schedule appointments. If you are interested in seeing how laser technology can make your dental procedures much more comfortable, call us today at (503) 221-1973 to schedule an appointment or for more information. Our Portland office is happy to assist you.

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