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Wisdom Teeth

As we go from adolescence to adulthood, we often get our final set of molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Some people are lucky and require little to no intervention when those teeth come in, but others tend to need them extracted by a dentist or oral surgeon. At Dougherty Dental, we do comprehensive exams to help those in need of wisdom tooth extraction, to determine if an extraction is necessary or not.

When Wisdom Teeth Are Left Untreated

Some people face few consequences when wisdom teeth are left to come in on their own, but far more commonly, people face issues during this process. You could see things like:

•  Crowding and misalignment of other teeth due to this new pressure
•  Tumors and cysts around the new wisdom teeth
•  Pain in the wisdom teeth, gums, or adjacent teeth
•  An early onset of gum disease
•  Infections in the wisdom teeth or the surrounding teeth

These situations can be dangerous, on top of leaving you feeling miserable. Instead of leaving your wisdom teeth to potentially cause harm to the rest of your teeth, sometimes the best course of action is to extract them.

When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

There are a few things to expect once your wisdom teeth come out. They are going to bleed for a little bit, the area will be sore for a few days, but the pain should be manageable, and you will likely notice some oozing for 2-3 days. These are all normal, but there are limits to what is normal.

Bleeding should subside within 8 to 12 hours of having the extraction done. Should you notice your bleeding level increasing, or it begins significantly again once this window has passed, you need to call us at Dougherty Dental, and we need to take a look at the extraction site again.

The soreness will come and go, but should be easily managed with over the counter analgesics such as Aleve, Advil, or Tylenol. Ice can help when put on for 15 minute intervals throughout the first 24 hours after the extraction, but should not be used after that point.

Oozing is normal, and is often pink colored due to small amounts of blood. This often begins at around 24 hours, and should end within a couple days. If it extends beyond that, you need to call our offices.

Your diet for the first 24 hours should be soft, but you should not brush immediately following an extraction. Once you hit the 24-hour mark, you can do salt water rinses to decrease how much bacteria you have in your mouth and increase your mouth's ability to heal.

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted is not nearly as bad as most people fear. Give the experts at Dougherty Dental a call and schedule a consultation to have your wisdom teeth examined. From there, you and the dentist can decide what route you should take to ensure optimal oral health both now and into the future.

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